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Armada Groupe produces SUPPORT® adjustable pedestals which can be adjusted and applied in terraces, gardens, technical platforms, at the end of the pool and then under composite panels such as concrete, natural stone, composite panels etc...

The SUPPORT adjustable pedestals apply freely on a place that has made waterproofing and thermal insulation without the need for mortar or other bonding materials.The Support pedestal provides an important advantage with its various height options, it tolerates the difference in slope on the ground and gives a slope if you wish.

The gaskets which change its dimension from 2mm to 10mm are located on the head and they lock the system together. Since there is no need to cover with gangue material water does not collect on the flooring.

Due to not having applied with the mortar, the amount of material load decreases in the surface unit and ensures quick application.It is even possible to apply also when it is rainy.

Since the system is dismantled, it ensures a quick repair in waterproofing materials or thermal insulation or in water, electricity or wastewater assemblies and it saves materials and time and labor.

For detailed information: www.supportpedestal.com


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